Dynamically Loadable Standard Library for ChaiScript Interpreter 'chaiscript'

ChaiScript is a header-only C++ embedded scripting language loosely based on ECMA script. It is designed for ease of use and tight integration with C++.

Official build2


The original ChaiScript repository has been split into multiple build2 packages to allow for greater flexibility. The libchaiscript package is used to get access to the ChaiScript header-only library. The package chaiscript makes ChaiScript's own interpreter chai available to be used. chaiscript-stdlib exports the compiled and dynamically loadable standard library module for the basic ChaiScript engine. Typically, you will not need to use this one.

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license BSD-3-Clause
project chaiscript
1 Version
version 6.1.0
depends 1; libchaiscript
requires 1; c++17