A simple and limited unit-test framework for C++ 98

This is a build2 package for the ftest C++ testing framework. You may want to use FTest if you want to quickly set-up a testing framework with an easy path to migrating to GoogleTest once you need more features.

Another use-case scenario for FTest is when you need to compile your code (including the tests) with C++ 98.

Or, you may just like the simplicity and small size of FTest and do not need the features offered by bigger testing frameworks.


To start using ftest in your project, add the following depends value to your manifest, adjusting the version constraint as appropriate:

... More
license BSL-1.0
project ftest
url github.com/nemtrif/ftest
topics C++testing framework
1 Version
version 0.3.0
repository https://pkg.cppget.org/1/queue/alpha
depends 0