websocket and http client and server library

Hello world

IXWebSocket is a C++ library for WebSocket client and server development. It has minimal dependencies (no boost), is very simple to use and support everything you'll likely need for websocket dev (SSL, deflate compression, compiles on most platforms, etc...). HTTP client and server code is also available, but it hasn't received as much testing.

It is been used on big mobile video game titles sending and receiving tons of messages since 2017 (iOS and Android). It was tested on macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, Windows and FreeBSD. Note that the MinGW compiler is not supported at this point. Two important design goals are simplicity and correctness.

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license BSD-3-Clause
project ixwebsocket
src-url github.com/machinezone/IXWebSocket
1 Version
version 11.3.2
repository https://pkg.cppget.org/1/queue/testing
depends 2; libssl, libz